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Airport Plaza

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Prime Real Estate Development project.

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Contemporary theme & attention to quality.

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Available in Standard, Premium & Luxury.

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Residences 🔹 Shopping Mall 🔹 School 🔹 Hospital 🔹 SportsPlex 🔹 WINplex 🔹 Hotel 🔹 Innovation Hub

01. Shopping Mall

Airport Plaza Shopping Mall: comfort, diversity...

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02. AP Hospital

Airport Plaza Hospital is designed to be an...

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03. Bilingual School

WIN Academy: International Bilingual School...

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04. SportsPlex

Premier location for sports, fitness, and...

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05. Airport Hotel

Diamond Airport Hotel and Condos, luxury...

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Why Choose The Airport Plaza?

Some people look for beautiful place. We make a place beautiful.


Remember the 1st rule? Location! The 2nd rule? Location! And the 3rd rule? Location! The Airport Plaza has proximity to Blaise Diagne International Airport, new High Speed train station, Autoroute peage, Route National, Diamnadio city, as well as Senegal's coastline and beaches.


While most houses in Dakar and Diamnadio are built on 150 m², our Infinity villas are built on 450 m², Infinity Premium 675 m² and Infinity Luxury 900 & 1200 m². Making it possible to create a sustainable pleasant living environment for the whole family, with superior indoor air quality.


An upscale neighborhood. Featuring green area, play area, shopping mall, restaurants, movie theater, hypermarket, sports complex, conference centers, the WINplex, post office, banks, law firm, international school, innovation Hub, places of worship, hospital, and a luxury hotel.

Future Value

This is the best time to buy a house in this city. This development started after our research, which shows that this city has good value for now and the best value in the near future. Therefore, our advice to everyone is; Don't think about it's current value. Think about it's future value! Buy now!!

24/7 Security

The residential sector of the Airport Plaza is a gated community with limited and controlled access. Remotley monitored CCTV security cameras, on-site guards 24/7 to quickly respond, maintain security measures and monitor risks inside the community. And a 24/7 Power Supply.


Quality houses in an upscale neighborhood, offered at affordable prices. Why? Because we want to make sure that anyone who truly want to own a property gets a fair chance. WIN HOLDING is founded on the principles of profitable business and a strong desire to promote the welfare of others.

Reliable Source

Hear from some of our team members.


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Our Promise

We aspire to deliver more than promised; good health, wealth and happiness.


Whether you are buying to live here or as an investor, you will become wealthier due to the future value.

Airport Plaza

Superior air quality, green spaces, fitness centers; a healthy and pleasant living environment for families.

Airport Plaza


Dakar, Senegal

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10516 Sacre-Coeur 3,
VDN Extension, Dakar, Senegal.

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