Airport Plaza


The residential sector of the Airport Plaza is a gated community with controlled access. Green spaces, renewable energy, 24/7 security and 24/7 Power Supply.

To meet all expectations, different types of Diamond condos and Infinity Villas have been designed with contemporary theme and special attention to quality. Consisting of storey buildings for the standard and premium villas, condos with penthouse, and mansion luxury villas.

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Diamond Airport Hotel

On the tourism sector is the Diamond Airport Hotel and Condos, featuring swimming pool, conference halls, restaurant and gym etc.

A luxury hotel with 122 rooms, 85 condos and penthouse. Offering friendly atmosphere, security, calm and comfort to all guests; the Diamond Airport Hotel is designed to be a home from home for tourists and business travellers..

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Shopping Mall

On the Commercial sector of La Cité de l’Avenir is the Airport Plaza Shopping Mall; bringing comfort, diversity, luxury, mall essence, entertainment and convenience.

Featuring national and international leading brands, shops, post office, bank, food courts, supermarket, cinema, game zone, pharmacy etc.

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Win Academy

In the Education sector is the Win Academy; an International Bilingual School with Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary and Secondry levels.

Offering French and American school programs, the Win Academy is an affiliate of European and American Schools.

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WIN HOLDING is founded on the principles of profitable business and a strong desire to promote the welfare of others.

Therefore, the philanthropic sector, WINplex, is essential to promote the activities of the WIN Foundation (Women International Network), the MEN Foundation (Mankind Empowerment Network) and the iBelieve International Foundation. These 3 foundations take into account the needs of women, men and children. The activities of each foundation are available on their respective websites.

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The Sports & Fitness Sector -- SportsPlex; is the premier location for sports, fitness, and events for the population..

Offering a variety of programs for our immediate and neighbouring communities. Swimming, martial art, tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, track, yoga etc.

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The Airport Plaza Hospital is a private hopital.

Designed, built and equiped with state-of-the-art-technology. Managed by the best doctors in each department of medicine.

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Designs, created by our development team.

Welcome to Airport Plaza

The City of the Future!

WIN HOLDING, leader in land banking, is making an impressive housing offer to meet the needs of its clientele in affordable quality housing.

Developed by innovative entrepreneurs. Inspired by contemporary architecture. The Airport Plaza is a housing estate under « La Cité De L’Avenir »✅
Created with the environment in mind; green spaces, renewable energy, smart technology, spacious villas and condos, a pleasant living environment for families.

We offer both standard and luxury accommodations, accessible to all, prioritizing the well-being of residents and the conviviality of the living space. We provide support to the customer from the reservation until the delivery of the keys. As well as an operational After Sales Service.

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Residential Sector 🔹 Commercial Sector 🔹 Tourism Sector 🔹 Health Sector 🔹 Education Sector 🔹 Sports & Fitness Sector 🔹 Innovation Sector 🔹 Philanthropy Sector 🔹 Places of worship etc.

Commercial Sector

Shopping Mall brings comfort, diversity, luxury, mall essence, entertainment and convenience.

Education Sector

International Bilingual School for Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary and Secondry education level.

Health Sector

Hospital, designed to play essential role in the health system for the entire City.

Tourism Sector

Diamond Hotel; offers friendly atmosphere, security, calm and comfort to all guests.

Innovation Sector

Innovation Hub; Learn, Create & Innovate. Science & Technology (STEAM + CODE).

Sports & Fitness Sector

Multipurpose SportsPlex. Premier location for sports, fitness, and events for the community.

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